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What bob farrell did for customer service in the runaway hit giveem the pickle. Give em the pickle is the worlds bestselling video on customer service. Motivate your employees to reach customer service greatness. This is give em the pickle by johnny marmelstein on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. We strive on this saying as a business model for customer service.

I have used the video give them the pickle created by bob farrell for many years as a great example for customer service. Just give them the pickle world class service in your. One of bob farrells restaurants lost the loyalty of a customer by trying to charge them for a side of pickles. Customer service these days, everyone is familiar with the term. Engage your students during remote learning with video readalouds. The experience led to the motto that farrell became known for. Give em the pickle pickle recognition kit trainingabc.

The giveem the pickle training video is one of the top customer service programs of all time. Meet bob farrell, founder of farrells ice cream parlor and restaurant, as he. Give em the pickle corporate training shop your source. Leadership pickles training workshop with dvd with bob farrell shows that staff just like customers need pickles, those special things you do for them to keep them coming back, your employees need their pickles too. It comes complete with our new pickle recognition cards, give em the pickle balloons, a bob farrell bobblehead doll, and more see the detailed list below.

The five best customer service videos on the internet groove blog. It contains entertaining stories and practical ideas that will enable the reader to take such good care of customers that theyll utter those three magic words, ill be back. Give em the pickle by bob farrell customer service training. Sharing my favorite clips of various movies and tv shows. Phrases such as we put the customer first or the customer is always right adorn the walls and desks of businesses everywhere. If they get those things they will follow you and achieve great. Its a hand written thank you note with every order shipped. He expanded this speech into a career as a speaker at motivational and employeetraining. The trick is figuring out what your customers want and then making sure they get it. One day, he received a letter from one of his regular customers. Bob farrells classic program focuses on the motivational side of service.

Give em the pickle by bob farrell customer service training your business is not what you sell, its who you serve. In 2008 the chain was revived, with farrell serving as an advisor to the new owners. When bob farrell read the letter, he made the official battle cry of his entire company give em the pickle. Employees in any customer service industry will benefit from this program. Bob farrell customer service videos business training media.

Meet bob farrell, founder of farrells ice cream parlor and restaurant, as he serves up the most important aspect of any service business taking care of the customer. But theres more to customer service than hanging a poster or talking about it. Improve all areas of customer service in your oganization plus internal customer service interactions too. Bob farrell built a very successful restaurant chain known for amazing burgers and shakes. Customer service training video 1 follower 86 lines get embed code. English give em the pickle by bob farrell customer. Give em the pickle video or dvd bob farrell videos trainingabc. This award winning program has increased the smile level and positive attitudes in organizations of all. Bob farrell, founder of farrells ice cream parlor and restaurant, tells the story that coined the pickle phrase and led to the bestselling customer service training video, give em the pickle. Bob farrell, the funny, energetic founder of farrells ice cream parlors is the host of this hilarious and inspiring trip through the basics of. Bob farrell speaks to thousands of people every year on the topic of how to give great customer service. Hello fellow wikipedians, i have just modified one external link on bob farrell motivational speaker. Hosted by bob farrell, give em the pickle combines motivation and customer service. A fun and exciting video from media partners, the leadership pickles.

Farrells wit and wisdom sparkle throughout the program as he explains how great service was the hallmark of his ice cream shop empire in the 1970s. While at farrells he developed a speech for new employees called give em the pickle. Its an important lesson about not nickelanddiming your customers that all of us would do well to be. Sometimes delivering world class service in your hvac business can be as simple as just giving them the pickle. Bob farrell customer services training videos for employees, managers and supervisors. Bob farrell, american motivational speaker about a month ago, while traveling to a coaching conference, i received a pearl of advice from a flight attendant with whom i had shared the quotable coach daily blog. Featuring bob farrell, it provides a robust and fun listening experience with many practical tips on service, attitude, consistency and teamwork making it the perfect video followup and learning reinforcement tool for todays learners.

Bob farrell talks about what he knows with high energy, humor, and passion. Ice cream magnate and customer service guru bob farrell wants give em the pickle. In give em the pickle, bob farrell shares anecdotal stories with humor and passion and charges everyone with the responsibility of treating the customers like the. An incredibly powerful and witty customer service message, shared by bob farrell, restaurant owner and entrepreneur. Bob farrells idea for giving pickles away came from the following letter. An internationally topselling customer service training video for good reason give em the pickle entertains and inspires all who see it. Pickles are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. Give em the pickle by bob farrell customer service. This book is a response to a video put together by five former adventist preachers, a video attacking the seventhday adventist church and ellen white. Farrell, ive been coming to your restaurant for over three years. Bob farrell inspires and motivates with real life stories often humorous that demonstrate how consistency, teamwork, attitude and service can make all the difference in any organization.

Farrell is the author of give em the pickle and theyll be back 3. Mind you, this has been going on once or twice a week for three years. Through in a couple rants and welcome to my channel. One of bob farrells restaurants lost the loyalty of a customer by trying to.

Give em the pickle training video by media partners. Years ago, farrell received a letter from a loyal, but disappointed customer stating that he loved the restaurant, loved their. Get your motivational program up and going with our pickle recognition kit and its not just a clever name. I always ask for an extra pickle and i always get one. Youll learn about pickles pickles are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. Formats include streaming, dvd, usb key and more whats your pickle video. You probably dont know that bob was given the distinction of the mufso operator of the year in 1972, the second year of the award. Join bob farrell as he searches for inspiring pickle stories. Farrell defines pickles as those extra special things you can do to make the customer happy.

Your business is not what you sell, its who you serve. No matter what we sell, he says, our job is to make customers happy. Spend 8 cents on a free pickle to keep a customer who might spend hundreds of dollars a year and tell everyone they know how good farrells restaurant is. Give em the pickle, video, 2002, media partners corp. Buy online, pick up in store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for instore purchase. And the best way to do that is to give em the pickle. Highly entertaining and motivational, the give em the pickle. The gentleman had been coming to bobs restaurant for over 3 years. When ross shafer checked in to the marriott hotel in orlando, he had been. Your pickle video join bob farrell as he searches for inspiring pickle stories. They need and want certain things from you as their leader, manager, supervisors or boss. Give em the pickle by bob farrell customer service training media partners. Give em the pickle video or dvd bob farrell videos. Were all in the same business, the people business.

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