Wouxun kg 699e software development

The main category is uv8d two way radio that is about wouxun kg uv8d two way radio. Wouxun wouxun kg699e 6688mhz portable walkie talkie 66. The links that follow here are mostly to files on our site. If you are getting this error, it means that either you are using the 5k version of the programming software with a 2. Wouxun kg 703e programming problems post by glasgowsnapper. You will note that nothing on the page refers directly to model kg uv3d. Rpskguv950p programming software for the wouxun kguv950p. Here is a link to the wouxun files directory that has all at this point of the data in it. Wouxun kg uv8d programming software written by jape on may 1, 2014 29 comments until chirp releases a new version of their software to program the brand new wouxun kg uv8d, you can download and use wouxun s own software, which is free. Once you are familiar with using the ht, then the users guide becomes really helpful. How to program the wouxun kguv920p mobile radio from a pc. The confusing part with the wouxun radio is the programming due to its mode concept. All wouxun speaker mics, lapel mics and earpieces kg uv8d, kg uv3d, kg uv6x, db16x are compatible with the new kg uv9d plus.

The kg uv6x is a compact, highperformance dual band handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 watts of rf power on vhf and 4 watts on uhf, along with high audio output 500 mw. This package contains both the rss and frequency limit software for the wouxun kg uv9d. Personal ani id code programming can be selectable from software. People want them unlocked and ready as nature intended.

Raccolta di info manuali di ricetrasmettitori frequenze materiale didattico ponti ripetitori. Wouxun kg 828 ip66 waterproof walkie talkie 10w twoway radio with 3200mah battery pack. A few months after its initial launch, wouxun updated the kg uv920pa and the programming software with a minimum 2. Use the kg uv2d software that is way at the top of the page. The free software wouxun supplies is a fine for programming the radio, but with no provisions of any kind for importingexporting data. Since most hams work with existing frequency tables their own, and from their peers, youll need this package from rt systems to achieve any information exchange when not starting from scratch, and intending. View and download wouxun kg699e series manual online. How to program the wouxun kg uv8d this entry was posted on august 15, 2016 by rick. Wouxun kguv8d frequency expansion software adammoore. Wouxun kg699e hf 6688mhz twoway radio with earpiece. Just purchased th kg 699e directly from hong kong via their store on ebay. Wouxun kg uv920p dual band basemobile two way radio unboxing. Such a powerful transceiver requires a bit of programming to utilize its options, and for the first time user, it can be intimidating. The free wouxun software is ok, but the free kg uv commander software is better and easy to use.

Powerwerx wxrsm heavy duty remote speaker microphone for wouxun and anytone radios. Wouxun kg 699e hf 6688mhz twoway radio new handheld two way radio single knob,version. About wouxun kg uv8d programming the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Wouxun kguvd1p software mod page worldwidedx radio forum. Kg uv commander for kg uvd1p, kg uv2d, kg uv3d kg uv commander for kg uv6d commander features. Wouxun software download baofeng software download. Wouxun programming cable schematic resource detail the. Rt systems advanced radio programming software and usb cable kit for wouxun radios. With this i could read out the memory, edit the channels and write everything back without any errors. Simply run it with your interface cable and radio attached. The document on the wouxun website that has the detailed instructions can be found deleted outdated link.

Of course, if you have the open source programming software called chirp, its even better, because it now supports the original kg uv8d. If you need help locating your radio model number, try removing the radio battery and look at the label on the back of the radio body. Software programmable via the optional low cost usb programming cable or manually programmable via keypad. Kg uv3d includes the extended life 1700 mah liion battery pack, a redesigned heavy duty textured case and the latest firmware with new features. Rpskguv950p programming software for the wouxun kg uv950p rx ctcss dcs rx dcs dcs polarity tx power scan add compander scrambler comment receive frequency transmit frequency offset frequency offset direction operating mode show name name tone mode ctcss memory channel functions left to right memories vfo memory types left to right. Jun 16, 2010 wouxun kg uv6d software mod trouble i am having a major trouble with unlocking the wouxun kg uv6d. View and download wouxun kg 699e series manual online.

Programming these radios arent all that hard once you learn the menu system. This question is aimed at anyone who has purchased the kg uv950p and especially the pl version with the 4 metre band on it and fairly recently too. Finally, operation and programming is different than my thf6 but the results are on par. Kg833 radio programming software wouxun radio software. These links will take you to jim mitchells web site to download. Works with wouxun models kg uv9d, kg uv3d, kg uv6x, db16x, kg uv8d and more. Wouxun programming and unlocking programs daves homestead. Easily program your wouxun radio from your pc windows 10, 8, 7 or vista over usb. Software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kg uv8t radios. Wouxun programming and unlocking programs published by david nash on august 25, 2011. However, after reading back the memory with the wouxun software some settings where wrong dtmf control, tx power. Ideal for fire, police, fema, cap, security patrols, business communications, schools, construction crews, universities, and other organizations that have fcc. There is a yahoo group devoted to the wouxun radios. Think of them as being in vfo mode or memory mode to relate to a normal amateur handheld approach.

Wouxun kg uv8d plus programming software zipped direct download. Rt systems is proud to offer programming software for wouxon handheld radios. Professional two way radio manufacturer, wouxun company. By simonthewizard october 16, 2015 amateur radio kg uv950p mobile radios unlock software wouxun wouxun hand held unlock software radios are like mobile telephones. Buy wouxun kg 699e4m wouxun handheld radio online at. The radios transmit range is easily modified using any of the standard wouxun programming cables along with the appropriate software. Forsta klippet visar hur displayen skiftar farg nar radion ar i standby och nar man sander.

Antennen var bortplockad, sa jag storde ingen andra klippet visar hur. This link is listed in our web site directory since thursday dec 24 2015, and till today wouxun kg uv8d programming has been followed for a total of 618 times. The software is for windows, it may work on a mac with a windows emulator, but i. Dtmf encoding and decoding highmiddlelow output power selectable. Thanks for buying the wouxun kg699e series transceiver. Nov 12, 2019 i have tried to use the kg uv9d plus driver, which worked after i added or. This post provides programs and help for wouxun programming, my radio is the kg uv3d model, but the uv1 and uv2 models are the same with different firmware. Wouxun kg uv8e tri band freq expansion zipped direct download. Connect the radio to your windows pc with the proper programming cable. Wouxun handheld radio, buy new and used products from ham. The programming disc that i ordered with it does not self run and is awash with files, folders, release notes, curry recipes, you name it but no pointers as to which to install on an xp system. To download, rightclick the link and choose save target as programming software for wouxun dualband models. Price is around 75euro and of course accessories are available as is the programming software from.

The wouxun kg uv8d is a popular dual band handheld two way radio for a reason. Click this link to see this tutorial video on wouxun kg uv8d programming. Looks can be deceiving, because it isnt as difficult as it seems. I popped the cd into my laptop running windows 7 home premium and found that no software automatically ran. Some retailers selling the wouxun kg uv8d are limiting the frequency range of the wouxun kg uv8d. If your radio model is not available in the list above, please contact the radio dealer that the radio was purchased from. Wouxun usb programming cable and software cd for wouxun kg. Wouxun kg uv8e tri band software zipped direct download. Wouxun two way radios baofeng tyt usa dealer kg udv1p ham radio dual band ht lowest price fast shipping buy online wouxun chargers, antennas, parts, software and cables. Gained ce and fcc approved to market into eu and us. Tony allen ei4dib, drogheda,ireland the wouxun kg699e.

This does not cover all settings but the most common ones that i use and that you may also. These links will take you to jim mitchells web site to download the software. This later version may work better, particularly for win10. The kg uv2d has its quirks and as long as the user purchases the programming cable and software, it should provide troublefree operation. It corrupts the functionality of the radio when saving information into the radio. How to program the wouxun kguv9d directly from the radio. The wouxun kg uv9d is a multiband portable handheld two way radio with wouxun s iconic color lcd display, full dtmf keypad, and a lot of nice features, all at a great price. Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated operating systems but an x. Preben wefring noen som har programming software til. View online or download wouxun kg 689 service manual. I have tried to use the kg uv9d plus driver, which worked after i added or. Wouxun usb programming cable and software cd for wouxun kg uv920r car mobile radio.

Works only with the rt systems usbk4y cable as shown below. There are some programming manual for your reference. Kguv commander by jim mitchell free programming software for the wouxun dual band radios. I would recommend all wouxun radio users subscribe to this group. Wouxun usb programming cable pl2303 prolific usb driver installer v1.

The software necessary to expand the tx range is attached to this thread. Usb programming cable for wouxun radios works with all. The rt systems radio programming system includes software tailored specifically to your radio and a usb cable designed to. Just purchased th kg699e directly from hong kong via their store on ebay. Here is the software you need to program the wouxun kg uvd1p and other models for extended transmit and receive.

You have a new radio to learn, why try to learn chinese software when rt systems software makes programming the radio so easy. May 05, 2014 the purpose of this software is to allow the user to take advantage of the entire frequency range capability of the wouxun kg uv8d. Wouxun kguvd1p programming software for win 8 wouxun kguv950p programming software wouxun. Wouxun has produced a fully functional dual band handheld transceiver for a lower than usual price. Wouxun kguvd1p software mod worldwidedx radio forum. Programming software for wouxun handheld radios mtc.

Please read this before you start up your first programming for wouxun kg uvd1p series transceiver. Two way radio user manual, programming software wouxun. Although the programming software provided by wouxun isnt perfect, its really not too bad, and its not too difficult to figure out over time. Download the attached file and rename the file extension to. Fortunately wouxun didnt promise anything lightyears in advance this time not many will have forgotten the kguv920r media frenzy years ago. If the link doesnt work for you, try the attachments at the very bottom of the page. This is a small, lightweight low band 6688mhz transceiver giving maximum of 5 watts output. Kg uv commander free programming software for the wouxun military candor is good leadership bradleymorris, inc.

Wouxun kguv8d programming software grapevine ham radio. Wouxun kguv8d frequency expansion software worldwidedx. Programming software is available as a free download from our website. Choose the software linked below that matches your radio manufacturer and model number. Requesting development of compatibility for the wouxun kguv8d i have had the radio for a few weeks now. Rpskg833 software software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kg 833 radios. Wouxun standard capacity 1700 mah liion battery pack.

Thats the key to programming, and the source of frustration, with these wouxun radios. Along with the kg uv950p, i ordered the wouxun programming cable and accompanying software. This software runs on the wouxun kg uv8d only and will not add the 2. Kguv8t radio programming software wouxun radio software. Kg uv commander by jim mitchell free programming software for the wouxun dual band radios. Wouxun kg uv920p dual band basemobile two way radio unboxing duration. Noen som har programming software til wouxun kg699e.

Nov, 2014 download wouxun kg uv2d manuale italiano pdf file name. This link is listed in our web site directory since friday apr 26 20, and till today wouxun programming cable schematic has been followed for a total of 1656 times. If you have successfully used this dl with an otherwise unconfirmed os please leave a comment. Rt systems advanced radio programming software and usb cable kit for wouxun. Wouxun kg uv9d plug 7band reception multiband two way radio duration. Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. The included factory wouxun software is practically unuseable.

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