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Ninetyfive percent n1726 of all activelyserving united methodist clergy in north. An assessment of a persons perception of, and need for, a social support network can be as important as the persons readiness to change when determining his or her level of motivation. Duke instruments sources used to locate, evaluate and purchase tests. Mar 02, 2020 indexes thousands of selected periodicals in the humanities and social sciences from their first issues to 1995. View this page in a format suitable for printers and screenreaders. Duke instruments test instruments libguides at duke university. The purpose in life scale, duke social support index, and religious. Google docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Duke university libraries will continue to provide online consulting, services, and resources during the coronavirus response, but our library buildings will remain closed until further notice. The duke office of audit, risk and compliance oarc provides value added services across the entire institution, including duke university, duke university health system, and dumac. Please read each statement carefully and place an x in the column that is closest to your situation. Duke and unc cfar prep rfa december 2017 joint unc duke cfar prep request for applications the objective of this rfa is to support emerging research regarding biomedical hiv prevention, particularly prep implementation, in north carolina, by identifying. Find department contact information, directions, and more.

Social progress is the capacity of a society to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities to enhance and sustain the. Duke is either required by law to protect, or which duke protects to mitigate institutional risk. Psychometric characteristics of duke social support index in young. We chose the duke social support index dssi as basis for. Crosssectional survey of a representative sample of 1812 university students was conducted. Duke instruments abbreviated duke social support index. Measuring and assessing social isolation and loneliness this document links from chapter 7, the resources section, of the report hidden from view tackling social isolation and loneliness in lancashire lancashire county council, october 2016.

It can be completed by the respondent or by an interviewer. Social policy has many facets, and four streams that draw on the core strengths of the school have been identified. Measuring and assessing social isolation and loneliness. Travel expense reimbursement for duke related business, travel advances, moving and relocation expenses.

Psychometric characteristics of duke social support index in. University of groningen groningen orthopaedic social support scale. It is a 24item selfreport questionnaire for measuring social support 12 items and social stress 12 items at a given point in time fig. Mar 12, 2020 central and eastern european online library provides access to full text pdf articles from humanities and social science journals and redigitized documents pertaining to central, eastern and southeastern european topics. Responsiveness of the duke social support subscales in older. Prior to duke, she provided counseling for victims of sexual trauma and relationship violence at the durham crisis response center. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, protected. Dukeunc functional social support questionnaire fssq. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings.

Dukeunc functional social support questionnaire fssq here is a list of some things that other people do for us or give us that may be helpful or supportive. Our sociology minor and medical sociology minor are great ways for students majoring in other areas to effectively roundout their skill set. Assign the following raw scores for each check mark made by the respondent. Abbreviating the duke social support index for use in. An abnormal duke social support index score used to assess the adequacy of social support was seen in 94. Researchers have documented lower healthrelated quality of life hrql in rural areas.

Addressing societys most significant scientific and healthcare challenges. Development and support examiner disability support examiner daily update master accounting system due process withholding amount disabled widower benefits e ea ead eam ec ec ecb eco edb edcs ee eft eii ein eitc em emw en epb epe er erb erf erisa es esa esf esrd etd eus ev evnt ewd exr extra exempt amount. The centers for eral adult population age 18 and older. Social support in general, and the availability of help from family or friends, is positively associated with medication adherence. Duke instruments test instruments libguides at duke. A shortened 11item version of the duke social support index dssi. United nations documents provide important and extensive information regarding various aspects of international and foreign law. Social support was measured by 23item dssi which included social interaction scale, subjective social support and instrumental social support. Assessment of the abbreviated duke social support index in. This is a document internal to duke university and should not be sent to an outside organization or vendor. A study of united methodist clergy in north carolina. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, protected health information, student ferpa data such as grades. Tests must be purchased from the publisher or author if not freely available.

Students stipends generally speaking, the graduate school provides ph. High rates of obesity and chronic disease among united methodist clergy. The duke social support index dssi has also been used in china for studying the. If all items in the entire support section are left blank, then all are considered to be missing values and no support scores can be generated. The duke policy, duke university principles and procedures regarding research on human subjects campus, approved by the academic council on september 21, 2000, includes a statement of principles and provides additional protections for students and duke employees in order to avoid the potential for coercion. Religion, purpose in life, social support, and psychological. Validation of the dssi10 to measure social support in a general. The center for the advancement of social entrepreneurship case.

Responsiveness of the duke social support subscales in. Duke university among top 10 in nation for federal medical research funding. Chapter 2 the social progress index the social progress index model our model is based on the following definition of social progress. Aug 29, 2012 the study is aimed to examine the psychometric characteristics of duke social support scale dssi in young rural chinese individuals 379 suicides, 411 controls aged 1534 years. Despite the importance of social support, few social support scales have been developed and used with older people.

To assess the acceptability, reliability and validity of the 11. Slavic, eurasian, and east european studies duke university. Sis and sss subscales are answered on a 3point likert format. This form is an easy to complete fillable pdf that documents the high level details of the scope of work, invoicing method, and period of performance with the given vendor. Research support funding announcements info duke university. Fuqua engages scholars with leaders to create new insights. Abbreviated duke social support index also known as duke social support. Scoring for the duke social support and stress scale scoring is done either manually as described below, or by computer as shown in appendix f of the users guide. Explaining ruralnon rural disparities in physical healthrelated quality of life. Duke university office of audit, risk and compliance.

Duke unc health profile duhp the 63item parent document of the. Social medicine faculty encompass an extraordinary range of fields in the humanities, social sciences, and clinical medicine. Social policy duke university sanford school of public policy. Access to the legal research services bloomberg law, lexisnexis, and westlaw is available only by individual password for current duke law students, faculty and staff, under the terms of the librarys contracts with each vendor. The scope is international, including journals in english, french, german, italian, spanish and other western languages. An overview of school of medicine information and stats. Connecting our research faculty with practitioners in a range of sectors, fuquas centers draw out the strengths in people with different knowledge sets in ways that create new perspectives for our scholarship and teaching. Amelia is a clinical social worker who joined the duke university counseling and psychological services team in september 2006. Explaining ruralnonrural disparities in physical health. Assessment of the abbreviated duke social support index in a. High rates of obesity and chronic disease among united. Jan 27, 2016 we examined the relationship between religious involvement and psychological distress and explored the mediating effects of social support and purpose in life in university students in western, midwestern, and eastern china. Our department, housed within the unc school of medicine, is unique in its disciplinary diversity.

The department of social medicine is committed to teaching, research, and service that addresses the social dimensions of health, illness, and doctoring. Duke universitys culture of interdisciplinary collaboration attracts exceptional faculty and students, adds a critical dimension to teaching, and promotes inquiry at the frontiers of research and engagement. As part of our rapid response effort to support social entrepreneurs during the covid19 pandemic, case at duke held a free webinar on april 16, 2020 on managing capital raising during the crisis. Sources used to locate, evaluate and purchase tests. The newsletter publishes new and recently updated announcements of federal and private funding for research, fellowships, instruction, program development, instrumentation, etc.

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