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Ive also have a 01 ffl and the compliance checks are more. Periodically, we offer firearms and related items for sale persons who have subscribed to prior to offering them to the general public. That private collection is where all your guns not entered in the bound book reside. Ffl dealers, imports, manufacturers, and personal gun enthusiast now have a safe, secure, and reliable log book. If you are currently using an excel template that you downloaded off some website. Salesforce found that almost 90% of excel files have errors created by humans.

Gun databaseelectronic bound book springfield xd forum. Receipts not covered by these records must be entered in the bound book by the close of the next business day after the acquisition or purchase. Ffl tools is simply the best, easiest to use ffl management software available built by ffls specifically for ffls. I wanted to keep both a written and electronic copy of my bound book, so i. Firearms acquisition and disposition record book for proving compliance with. Ive just about finished making the gun collection database bound book, and would like to share it and see if anyone had suggestions.

Required by every business that buys or sells firearms. This electronic bound book package includes electronic bound book, e4473 nfa eforms, and atf edocuments plus. Jun 11, 2015 enter the information required accurately in each line of the atf bound book. Bookfactory ffl bound bookffl log bookffl record book 100. Describes specifically how to enroll in and comply with nics, plus gives a correct, permanent record of all purchases and sales of firearms as required under the gun control act. Because we are a licensed ffl, we know firsthand the frustration, the redundant effort, and the wasted time that is required to stay in compliance with the authorities. Ffl transfer to ffl, time to log in bound book the high road.

Date of disposition, name of ffl, and the ffl number. You should also log the applicable firearms out of. The best atf compliant ffl bound book software for gun inventory. With their guidelines and steps you think it is possible to effectively get your company all set.

It is the book where every single firearm acquisition by the ffl holder is recorded as well as the disposition of every firearm. However, my bound book is getting a bit tattered, and i wanted a format that would be easy to replace my written entries with typed in entires, and the. Transfer the information to a book frequently used and indicate in the old book that the entry was transferred to the new book. In the instance of an 01 ffl regular gun store the atf can come in and inspect your logs at any time normal. We use highly technical tools designed by former atf, firearm attorneys and data experts. Save money and time by ordering your laboratory notebooks, log books, blank books, journals and madetoorder books factory direct from bookfactory. Ar 308 barrels bluesea112 replied mar 23, 2020 at 11. Product solutions easy bound book flexible ffl software. Brownells partners with coloseum to bring ffl management. Oct 22, 2012 if you sell it you do as the 01 dealers are told to do, for record purposes put down the acquisition source on the same date you sell it as private collection. How much time does a licensee have to record the acquisition and disposition of firearms.

A federal firearms license ffl is a license in the united states that enables an individual or. This allows you to put in your company name and title, then save it so that you dont have to write it each time. Ffl ecourse firearms licensing and consulting group, llc. The 1968 act was an update or revision of the federal firearms act of 1938 ffa, which required all manufacturers and dealers of firearms who ship or receive firearms or ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce to have a license, and forbade them from transferring any firearm or most ammunition. Ffl license guaranteed federal firearms license ffl123. Why you cant keep firearms acquisition and disposition. Here is a screen shot of what i use for my 01 ffl and it has gone.

Ffl tutorial atf record keeping requirements youtube. The federal firearms license was established to implement the gun control act of 1968. Jun 28, 2012 for those interested or curious, heres what i use for a bound book template. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A bound book is a permanently bound book or an orderly arrangement of. Bookfactory lab notebooks, log books and engineering notebooks. Audit and migrate over 65,000,000 electronic bound book transactions thats more than the atf. For instance a type 01 license is the most common, and is for basic gun dealing and gunsmithing, while a type 07 lets you manufacture and sell guns.

Selling and installing software is the easy part making it work for your ffl and your operation is the magic. Basically, you need to use a competitive analysis report template for your organization along with your competition to observe where you all stand. Our bonus software and a free legal consultation or, learn more about our custom firearms erp pos integration if you sell under 10,000 guns per year, our plans include everything below. Ffl holders have been directed not to enter pre1899 guns into their bound books. If you have any ffl log books with a small number of firearms showing in stock, its a good idea to close those books out and archive them. To learn more about making, distributing or selling firearms while complying with atf. In an effort to keep federal firearms licensees ffl abreast of changing firearms laws and regulations, the. I use a legal size paper in a ledger style binder with the acquisition on the left half, and the corresponding disposition on the right half printed double sided. Blacktranslux cover wireo, 11 x 8 12 log100gunw01fflt40. Designed by an ffl, legal advice with an ffl and used by types 01, 07, 08, 09.

If a disposition is made before the acquisition has been entered in the bound book, the acquisition entry must be made at the same time as the disposition entry. Its a useful tool, but you shouldnt rely on it for your entire process. How much time does a licensee have to record the acquisition. Why you cant keep firearms acquisition and disposition record. Ffl software for electronic bound book record keeping is flexible enough to meet. Another bound book question the firearms forum the buying. Our name says it easy bound book easy compliance with atf ruling 20161, from a reliable company who cares about out clients. Dont worry that your bound book will cause a compliance mistake, fastbound is always up to date and back that up with legal defense. Brownells offers aimi ebook pro firearms management software at a reduced rate that makes it very affordable for gunsmiths and gunshops to have an electronic bound book. Ffl number what it means and how to look it up rocketffl. Easy bound book lite designed for the basics, easy bound book lite is a cloud only solution us based servers, of course.

Fflbizhub electronic bound book and atf eforms orchid. In addition to identifying ffls, the ffl number also. And, now updated with the latest information about the national instant criminal background check system nics. Firearms acquisition and disposition record book gun log book. Nov 20, 2014 a best practice in validating the ffl is to run the ffl through the atf ffl ez check database to ensure the current license status. Federal firearms license ffl log book wireo version designed for the specific requirements of firearms dealers. This is because every ffl will at some point acquire, and probably dispose, at least one firearm. Look no further we did our first easy bound book in 2008 and its only gotten better since then. Generally speaking, excel is a poor solution for extremely important data. Jun 16, 2012 any 03 ffl that i know, including myself, uses ups to ship firearms. Best ffl bound book software according to george william. In an effort to keep federal firearms licensees ffls abreast of changing federal. Dec 23, 20 p 38 lightning strikes documentary duration. Just print it out and keep it in a folder or binder.

You can request access to our demo online and test how the systems. Question for ffl holders about an ar lower and the bound book. Excel isnt just a poor solution, its noncompliant with the atf. Atf ruling 20161 establishes the requirements for an electronic bound book used by federal firearm licensees. Easy bound book comes in three versions, lite, pro and business, to fit your business needs. Mar 24, 2014 question for ffl holders about an ar lower and the bound book. It is a great option when you just want quality software to keep you compliant with the atf quickly and easily. All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process. Whether standalone or integrated to your accounting, your bound book becomes a business tool that helps you run your firearms business. Usps is to much of a pain in the rear to jump through all their hoops. Particularly with regard to the the atf requirements for an electronic bound book pdf, i want to make sure its functioning properly. I just checked my bound book 03 ffl, but same record keeping template as 01 ffl and the dealer isnt required to get the dl number for acquisitions.

Gun log book atf bound book firearms log book ffl log. Your ffl bound book what s best for you ffl boss by part of the ffl bound book template. Meets and exceeds the atf compliance standards atf ruling 20161 for electric bound books and gives you the ability to totally automate the process and focus on your business, not your backups. The format of the correction report may follow the traditional bound book format, or may be presented in any column format as long as the necessary information outlined. This book also called gun log book or ffl log book. Checkout our best ffl software comparison to see how it ranks against other atf bound book solutions. Easy bound book was designed for an ffl with 01, 07 and 08 licenses. You can get an ffl for a home based business, and many ffl holders are just small part time concerns ran out of a spare bedroom or a garage. Especially if i move to a 01 ffl and become a small dealer. One question do i send copy 2 to the cleo at the same time i send the app to the batf or after i get approved. Atf bound book software for ffl requirements duration.

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